Seller Math

No frills, no frills, Seller Math gives online retailers what they need, a powerful tool to improve their profitability. eBakery is allowed to offer and set up Seller Math modules for you as a service partner. The success is noticeable and therefore a must for every retailer.

Wer oder Was ist Seller Math?

Translated into German, Seller Math means seller mathematics and that actually describes it quite well. The company develops modules such as the “updater” or the “cost manager”. Modules whose name already indicate the meaning. The programs work fully or semi-automatically and take a huge amount of work off the online retailer’s hands. The modules focus on selling and fit into the merchant’s existing environment as interfaces. These are add-ons that do not require any changes to the software or work steps, but can be integrated quickly and easily.

Whether a small niche operator or a big player, both can benefit immediately from the appropriate modules. The profitability of the modules can usually even be calculated before they are used. Calculating is also the key word. Because the numbers and data that are available nowadays are gigantic. Unfortunately, you only manage to use a fraction of it in the short time of the day. Due to the high personnel costs, extra personnel for complex evaluations are only used in extremely important areas, and then only rarely.


But this is precisely where a vast amount of potential lies hidden.

  • What is your turnover rate?
  • How old is the oldest item in your warehouse?
  • When was the last time you recalculated item XY?
  • How much profit minus payment fees, marketplace costs and real shipping did you make on order XY?

You could ask tons of questions, which I’m sure you can answer. But their effort is not insignificant.

But what if you no longer had to worry about the questions?

This is where the Seller Math modules come in. You just know how to answer it from then on.

Imagine you can answer the question: “When was the last time you recalculated item XY?” with “Today”. And that every day. Without doing anything for it.

Calculate and change prices automatically.

With the“Updater” of “Seller Math” you have your prices fully under control. You will always have the best price in your marketplaces, such as Amazon and without risking losses due to fees or low prices.

The cost keeper

“Walter manages the costs” this is how ebakery presented the module of Korbinian Sigel (Seller Math) to us. For example, those who know and use the JTL WaWi know the problem, the profit shown in the order or in the statistics is very inaccurate. There can be a 15% difference between one and the same order sold once via the web store and once via Amazon. And still the same profit is displayed.

For a successful retailer it is indispensable to know his margins and to have them under control. With the Cost Manager module, this can be done very easily. After selecting the period, you will be shown either the profits per invoice or per item.

The advantage, all costs are already deducted. No matter what payment fee, sales channel, or shipping method was ultimately chosen. This also allows you to determine whether a product is more likely to be purchased individually or multiple times.

The information is presented in such a simple way that you don’t need a day to analyze it. A quick glance is enough and the bad and good products are filtered out so that you can improve effortlessly.

Those who know their profits and have them under control also know that dead capital or the so-called turnover ratio is an important factor for a trading company.

The cleaner

The cleaner helps you to sell items that are stock items. You define after how many days a sale of the assortment should start and in which steps this should happen. The Seller Math module now checks for how many days no sale has taken place although the product is in stock.

Fully automatic, the discounted sale can now proceed until a sale has been realized. The special prices and item properties will be reset and the game can start again.

If you use other modules like the updater, the prices there will be cross-checked to get the best out of the prices.

Everything fully under control!

Thanks to Seller Math and eBakery

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eBakery and Seller Math – an unbeatable team!

In principle, the customer can compile his modules as required without notice periods (always at the end of the month). Seller Math is designed in such a way that the modules interlock with each other and offer added value through the settings and the data set. Two special prices for one and the same product would be more than nonsensical.

In talks with “Seller Math” founder Korbinian Sigel, eBakery was also able to learn that in the future, in addition to the Potential Analyst, the Thieving Magpie and other promising modules, Seller Math will be able to respond quickly and easily to customer requirements. Thus, eBakery will not only be able to provide you with the program as a service partner, but will also be able to respond to individual tasks quickly and efficiently. Requirements that we find or are missing during installation and use, we will implement together with the Seller Math team within the limits of possibilities.

We are pleased to have a growing partnership with Seller Math and to be able to offer you this added value.

As usual, we also offer an installation service here. And we can gladly guide you through the first steps.