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If you have been blocked, why not make an appointment with us right away? We will then create a good Amazon action plan for you as soon as possible so that you can quickly start selling on Amazon again.

Seller account blocked by Amazon

It happens again and again that seller accounts are blocked by Amazon. Until August 15, 2019, Amazon was able to temporarily suspend accounts or even exclude sellers entirely without having to provide a reason. Since the August 16, 2019, new T&Cs will apply, in which Amazon states that they will inform affected merchants immediately, which has led to the suspension of the seller’s account.

As a rule, you want to be able to use the account again. To do this, Amazon requires a plan of action, and that’s a problem for many retailers. Amazon requires a detailed plan of action (also known as a Plan of Action, PoA) in which you, as the blocked party, outline that you have fixed the issues. However, the plan should not be too complicated and unnecessarily crowded. Very important: Explanations, justifications, etc. are completely irrelevant. You will receive a listing of the problems and Amazon expects a solution for each item. Short and precise. You will find further instructions below.

Note: Do not open a new Amazon seller account

First measures after the closure

If your Amazon account is locked, it takes a long time on Amazon’s part to get answers to your questions. You can now only communicate via contact forms, and (e-)paper is patient. You should therefore keep communication to a minimum, while conveying everything that is necessary. What you can do if you need to unblock your Amazon account, what role the Amazon action plan plays in this, and what helps if your Amazon action plan is rejected, you can learn here – especially if the Amazon account blocking is due to a minor violation.

Put together a 4D report based on this pattern:

Problem description

Describe precisely and, if possible, according to the rules of simple language, where the problem lies. You don’t have to worry too much about the exact wording, the only important thing is that the problem at hand becomes obvious. Above all, also look at the notification you received and refer to the stated reason for which you were suspended as an Amazon seller.

Root cause analysis and immediate measures

Check, as soon as possible, what you can do. Implement as much as possible immediately and document your changes. You send the evidence to Amazon with the action plan. The more evidence, the better. In this context, it is particularly important to analyze one’s own mistakes as objectively as possible and to take a factual stand. In addition, explain what measures you have taken to avoid problems of the same kind in the future.

Keep in mind that the priority is not to apologize, rather it is to take action and explain conclusively that a similar problem will not occur again in the future. For example, it is superfluous to state that a particular product should be removed from the range, the only thing that matters is to delete it and to be aware of the particular infringement.

Shutdown measures

Here you write down which processes you have changed (!) to avoid the named problems in the future. Declarations of intent do not help here, only implemented measures.

Describe the processes you have adapted and the structural and organizational errors that caused the problems. Again, do not make empty promises or attempts to apologize, but remain factual and refer to problem-related measures.

A sensible measure, especially for companies with several employees, is to train or instruct them in how to deal with corresponding problems and remedial measures.

Proof of efficacy

Here is space for evidence of the actions you have taken. Process changes. Figures, data, facts are interesting in this context. Future prospects and conjecture do not.

It is of little help, for example, if you explain that the implemented measures are goal-oriented if it is not apparent how this is to be achieved. Have appropriate control mechanisms been created, are there regular reviews and reports? Without supporting documents, evidence of effectiveness is of little value and does not help resolve the existing conflict between Amazon and the suspension of your seller account. In any case, stay factual and solution-oriented, keeping in mind that you are not the only one Amazon employees have to deal with.

Create Amazon action plan to restore sales authority

Since the support staff is mostly located abroad and does not speak German, the action plans are translated by software and then processed. To cause as few problems and queries as possible, answer these questions in plain German:

No more and no less. Sounds quite simple, but depending on the circumstances, it can be a bit more difficult. Depending on the individual circumstances, you can also point to having changed a particular supplier or having introduced an additional control instance in order to thus have the Amazon account unblocked.

Tips and hints

Especially when you have received an Amazon seller block for the first time, it can be difficult to react properly. While there is no universal guide to an Amazon action plan, the chances of obtaining a restoration of sales eligibility can still be greatly increased with a few tips and pointers.

Therefore, adhere to the following rules:

Write short simple sentences

The simpler your sentences are, the better they translate. If you know a foreign language, test your sentences, for example with Google Translate. If the result is ambiguous and doesn’t get to the heart of what you want to do, rewrite it.

You can find tips on how to make texts simpler in the brochure of the association “Netzwerk Leichte Sprache e.V.”.

Provide as much evidence as possible

If the authenticity of your items is in doubt, contact the manufacturer/wholesaler and request proof of authenticity. You send this to Amazon with your action plan. Again, remember that everything must be easy to understand. If in doubt, add a separate declaration sheet.

Highlight important information

The motto “time is money” also applies to Amazon Support. Employees will most likely not sit down and spend a long time going through the records as to where what information might be. Therefore, highlight important information concerning the case. Otherwise, the risk increases that your action plan will be rejected on the grounds that it is not detailed enough.

Amazon’s mills grind slowly

Despite all the preparations, you should keep in mind that responses from the support team tend to take longer. The German support team, which you can also reach by phone, is not responsible here. Inquiries here usually come to nothing. Therefore, focus on a good action plan and stick to it. Unlocking by Amazon is already not a regular case – you will probably not get a third chance.

Remain objective and show understanding

In addition to simple language and evidence, always remember: there is a human being sitting on the other side. Always remain factual and back everything up with evidence. Support staff must review, evaluate, and take action on many plans daily. The better and clearer you prepare your plan, the more likely you are to get a second chance.

What if the Amazon action plan is rejected?

Don’t panic if your Amazon action plan is rejected the first time. This in no way means that there is no chance to unlock your Amazon account anymore. Try to discuss what exactly about your action plan, Amazon rejected, adhere to any guidance included, and then submit a revised Amazon action plan.

We help you with your Amazon action plan

The action plan can present unexpected challenges to you as a retailer that can be difficult to overcome. If possible, the first serve should sit. Therefore, we offer to create the plan for you. We know what Amazon wants to read and in what form and can ensure that your action plan is not rejected by Amazon support staff due to formal errors or lack of evidence. The faster the suspension of your Amazon account is lifted, the faster you can sell your products again. A lock is annoying anyway, but if additional time passes before the seller account is unlocked again, it is unnecessary.

So if you have been blocked, why not make an appointment with us right away. We will then create an action plan for you as soon as possible so that you can quickly start selling on Amazon again. Take advantage of our professional Amazon consulting services.


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