Amazon FBA Fees

Before you decide to sell via Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), you should find out about the costs involved. Not in every case is the effort worthwhile. Here we have compiled some information for you.

Amazon FBA Cost

In addition to the actual cost of the items, you will need an Amazon seller account “Professional”, which is initially €39/month plus. VAT costs. In addition, Amazon charges the following fees:

Agency fee

As usual with Amazon, a percentage of the price is retained as a brokerage fee. This depends on the category, but is usually 15%. If you want to know exactly (and you should), you can find the Amazon fee calculator here.

Shipping fee

Calculated as a flat rate per item from total weight (including Amazon’s packaging) and dimensions. They currently vary between €1.10 and €10.79.

Monthly storage fee

Since your items do take up some space, Amazon gets a storage fee for the space used, depending on the category and time of year. Currently, the fees for clothing and footwear are €15.60 per cubic meter per month from January to September, or €21.60 from October to December, and €26 between January and September, or €36 from October to December for all other categories. Oversizes in all categories incur monthly fees of €18 (January to September), or €25 (October to December).

Optional value-added services

You can also add optional value-added services to make your shipments more secure or take them back if the customer doesn’t like them. These include:

  • Returns
  • Disposal
  • Labeling
  • Foil bag
  • Wrap
  • Bubble wrap

Local returns cost between €0.25 and €0.50 (plus €0.40 per additional kg over 1 kg) for normal sizes, or €0.50 and €3 (plus €0.40 per additional kg over 5 kg) for oversizes.

Disposal is charged by weight and is currently between €0.25 and €0.50 for normal sizes (plus €0.40 for each additional kg over 1 kg), or between €0.50 and €3 for oversizes (plus €0.40 for each additional kg over 5 kg).

The labeling service is a flat rate of € 0.15 per piece. The foil bag costs 0,45 € for normal sizes and 0,90 € for oversizes. Packing in bubble wrap costs €0.70 for normal sizes, and €1.40 for oversizes. Sealing with adhesive tape is charged with 0,20 € for normal sizes and 0,40 € for oversizes. And packing in opaque foil bag will cost you 0,90 € for normal size and 1,80 € for oversize per piece.

All prices are net prices, so the respective sales tax etc. is still added.

Shipping to other European countries, restocking fees, and optional additional fees if you also play other marketplaces through Amazon FBA are a bit higher still. You can find a very detailed listing on the Amazon FBA pricing page. Here you can also find a price list in PDF format, where all fees are listed individually.

To calculate the fees accurately, you should take a moment and use a tool like Excel so you don’t end up paying on top. The final price should also be competitive. When in doubt, calculate for each item individually whether it is worthwhile to participate in Amazon FBA. However, keep in mind that your turnover may increase.

Retailers report sales increases of 40%+ – whether it pays off in the end, you’ll have to check for your items.

Amazon FBA Check from eBakery

We will be happy to advise you in detail and make trial calculations to see if you could have a good chance of increasing your sales. Some goods you’d better not offer, others can go through the roof.

Why not arrange a no-obligation consultation appointment with our Amazon experts right now at

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