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Amazon Sponsored Brands Video Advertising

Amazon Sponsored Brands video is a new advertising feature that has already excited merchants in the U.S. because of its potential marketing and is now available for the German Amazon marketplace. This means that you can have paid advertising in the form of a video played in Amazon search results or shopping results.

Advantages of Amazon Sponsored Brands videos

The advantage that plays into your cards compared to a normal product ad on Amazon is the larger display of the videos, which in turn draws the Amazon customer’s attention to your product all the more. The benefit of this is a higher CTR, which then leads to a better ranking in the end. This means in summary: You spend financial capital on the ad in the first step to have it placed on Amazon, but you get more visibility, a better click-through rate and ultimately a better ranking, which will let your product thus also rise in the organic results.

How are Amazon Video ads played?

The product image (A) is automatically displayed as well as the necessary core information such as the title, the ratings and the price. Once the customer’s screen is 50% filled with the video, it is played automatically, on mute (B). For video playback with sound, you must manually click the speaker icon. (C) can be clicked.

If your product video has been set to music, it is a good idea to include the text as subtitles in the video with legible white text on a black background.

Technical requirement
for Amazon Sponsored Brands videos

The technical requirements or recommendations correspond to those of the conventional Amazon product videos. If you want to know more about the technicalities of Amazon Sponsored Brands video, we’ve already written you a comprehensive post about it. The only distinction is the length of the video. This may only be between 6 and 45 seconds long. We recommend not to exceed the 30 seconds mark if possible.

Qualitative standards
for Amazon Sponsored Brands videos

Amazon tries to keep the quality of video ads high to ultimately present a customer-friendly product. Therefore, there must not be a black frame at the beginning or end of your video. This can happen quickly if the timeline of your editing program is longer than you have filled it with content.Since the video is played in cycle mode – that is, as a continuous loop – by Amazon, this is important to note.

Another no-go is a video that exceeds the maximum length of 45 seconds, as this abruptly cuts it off.

Furthermore, neither Amazon trademarks nor own customer reviews are to be included in the video. To avoid the design of your video interfering with the rest of the Amazon user interface, download the safe area template ahead of time.

To make the text legible on any device, a font size of 30 px (pixels) is specified if you use written elements in your Amazon Sponsored Brands video.

Cinema quality but no cinema format allowed

Anyone who watches movies on their home TV will be familiar with the letterboxing effect, which looks like this. The horizontally running black cinebars do make the picture more “cinematic”, but unfortunately they are not allowed.

In addition, the video must be written in the language of the marketplace where it will be played. So on the video must be e.g.. be written in German.

Amazon product videos from eBakery

Here’s what to know about Amazon’s new video advertising format. The basic prerequisite for using this positively for your brand is, of course, a high-quality video. We at eBakery are happy to support you. We would take care of the planning, implementation, as well as post-processing.

If you are interested in producing Amazon Sponsored Brands videos, please feel free to contact us.

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