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Your business grows - OXID grows with it

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Your business grows - OXID grows with it

OXID eSales is a German online shop system that allows you to run online stores of any size. There is a free community version to help you get started. Up to the large enterprise version, everything in between is also possible, so that your online store always scales with you.

Have you been working in e-commerce for a while? Operator of a medium-sized company or career changer and want to set up your own store? OXID delivers particularly powerful software that helps you digitize and optimize your business processes. A good store system supports customer loyalty and achieves that people see your store as the place to go for their needs. The result will be the flourishing of your business and a new level of success for you. Learn how oxide can get the most out of your business in this post.


How can I benefit from OXID eSales?

With OXID you can satisfy both B2B and B2C needs and you don’t have to worry about proper store installation. The customer service of OXID eSales meets even higher demands and the digitization of your sales is accompanied step by step. The applicability of OXID extends across the apparel industry, to engineering, to ordinary retail. To ensure that the final product really meets your expectations, an MVP is used, which will give you a foretaste of the finished end product: An MVP is short for a Minimum Viable Product and means a preliminary store system, which can be produced quickly and will complete a test run for you. You will receive valuable feedback that will be incorporated into the final product.

Customized solution according to OXID eSales

The above-mentioned basic idea is “battle-tested” and turned into an attractive offer ideally suited to your target group. Through an extensive trial-and-error process, your store and your target audience become more and more aligned, giving your business model a solid foundation. The entire process is accompanied by risk and cost minimization that puts the customer’s needs first. Effort and result are constantly weighed according to the principle of cost-benefit and all results are seamlessly integrated into your store system. Even more complex installations and planning are all within the scope of customer service.

OXID eSales – The ideal customer journey

Oxid’s approach puts the customer at the center. It’s about seeing things entirely from the buyer’s perspective and guiding them all the way to the close: Because today’s world is particularly demanding on customers’ attention spans, it’s often hard for entrepreneurs to play their cards right. Instead of chasing after buzzwords and false trends, the customer’s need must be put in the foreground. The customer’s shopping experience must be designed and planned through an empathetic approach. In order to influence the buying decision in your favor, you have to establish an emotional connection with the recipient and know his needs even better than he does. With its individual, freely configurable interface and a multitude of useful features, OXID provides you with the tools to make the customer journey a lucrative story for all parties.

OXID eSales functions

OXID eSales supports all standard features, such as responsive design, simple item management and the ability to easily connect payment and shipping service providers. However, some of these functions are only available in the paid versions of the store, or are only activated by modules.

The frontend offers good usability right from the installation, so that your customers can easily find their way around your store on their mobile devices as well as on their computers. Easy payment via Paypal or credit card is also possible right after installation (and setup). The backend is available in multiple languages, including German. So you can start right away and don’t have to wade through English menus.

OXID eSales Prices

The community version costs nothing except the hosting fees for your server. In return, the functions are also limited.

The next size up is the Professional Edition for small to medium stores. The license fee is a one-time fee of approx. 2,900 Euro – no further running costs, except possibly for modules. Here you already have considerably more functions and interfaces at your disposal:

► Among the best features are the prominent display of some items you select. You can display them on the home page and surprise your customers right away with the best you have to offer.

► Categories can be created in unlimited numbers and even customized with your own templates.

► Customers can create their own wish lists to prepare for later purchases from you.

► You can also activate the cross-selling function “Customers who bought this product also bought:” and thus increase your sales.

The Enterprise versions are differentiated by B2C and B2B. Here, the license costs are 18,000 or 32,000 euros one-time, which is certainly not the cheapest store variant. In return, however, you also receive manufacturer support and a wide range of interfaces and modules.

This allows you to connect large ERP systems, as well as install across multiple servers in a cluster to get the best performance.

OXID eSales modules

With modules, you can extend any variant of OXID eSales and thus individualize your store to the maximum. The OXID eXchange marketplace is now home to several hundred modules, all of which are very easy to install. It makes sense to look at different modules here first, and then decide which one you really need. Some modules do their job better than others or still offer useful additional functions for the same price.

Extensions of OXID eSales

OXID offers the constant expansion of its products and tries to be as prepared as possible for the dynamic requirements of the market. Because the products can all be integrated with existing systems (be it ERP systems or others) and there are a variety of plug-ins and add-ons, you are prepared for a wide range of problems. It is possible to access the in-house AI called Oxid AI and automate the service of your customers even further and systematically get more and more out of your store. OXID promises up to 25% higher conversion rates and the best possible individualization for your customers. The evaluations of reactions and tracking ensure the right offer for the recipient: At the same time, the software meets all privacy and DSGVO standards.

We create an OXID eSales store for you

We are happy to take over the installation, configuration and support of your OXID eSales store. We will advise you on your options and which edition is best for you. To ensure that you are successful for as long as possible without having to take forced breaks due to a problematic store, we also offer long-term support.

We take care of pending updates and solve problems if any occur. You can also rely entirely on our expertise for SEO optimization: We will analyze your starting position and reveal all your optimization potential. You can only ensure a good customer journey if you take into account the consumer behavior of your customers. Emotional aspects play just as big a role here as the recipients’ ability to buy. With Oxid you have the tool and with us the partner to ensure the maximum growth of your business. We provide excellent warehouse management and ensure maximum efficiency of your distribution. Also with the topic of the Corporate Design, you are with us at the correct address: Your customers will feel comfortable with the standardization of your appearance and your profile will be strengthened. Your merchandise management system will be impregnated with ease of use and all your products will be available on a wide range of platforms: maximum results with minimum effort.

OXID eSales – pros and cons

The software is suitable for stores of any size, because there is a free community edition and all the features of a good store software, are available. A big advantage, is the attractive design, which takes into account smartphones and tablets and leaves nothing to be desired. The biggest drawback might be that it is difficult to set up without programming knowledge and support. Since the provider is from Germany and the check out is very clear, this disadvantage is at least somewhat compensated. Furthermore, the provider pays neither setup fees nor transaction costs. After paying the license fee, there are no more monthly costs. The management of the functions ensures a very good contact between you and your customers. The usability of the backend is thanks to the multilingualism, even without knowledge of English possible and the frontend does not leave many wishes unfulfilled. All item descriptions have the option of formatting and adding videos and photos also runs very easily. It goes without saying that articles can be created very easily in different variations. One should know before purchasing that multishops are only possible from the Enterprise Edition and many of the best extensions require a commercial license. The community is not very large due to the relatively high complexity of the program and the backend, despite its positive qualities, is rather something for the experienced.

OXID eSales – The conclusion

If you are looking for a good alternative to Magento or Shopware, OXID is definitely the right choice. However, newcomers should rather start with other software: Many elements of Oxid eSales are not beginner-friendly and can cause confusion. The paid version offers a support package that can be reached by phone or email and guides one from installation to finish. The annual rate for this service varies because there are several options here. The truth is that with OXID, you need an e-commerce agency to get the worst out of your way. At eBakery, we are happy to help you create the perfect OXID store and offer you all our e-commerce experience to maximize your profits. Contact us by e-mail or phone to arrange a no-obligation consultation with our experts.

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