Amazon Brand Registration

Through Amazon Brand Registration or also called Amazon Brand Registry, you can register your own brand with Amazon. Before you can do this, you must secure your figurative and/or word mark at the German Patent and Trademark Office so that you can subsequently benefit from the advantages of your own brand at Amazon.
You can find out what you need to know about Amazon brand registration either in the video screencast or below the video.

Why should you take advantage of Amazon brand registration?

Imagine the following situation:
You’re selling on Amazon and all of a sudden, you get temporarily banned due to trademark infringement. You have to prove that you are authorized to sell the products of this brand. Even if you are, that means Amazon sales of 0€ for now.
This means that the competition can harm you considerably with this scam without you being able to do anything about it. What you can do about it?
One option is Amazon brand registration.

How does Amazon brand registration work?

The first step is to apply for a trademark at the DPMA, the German Patent and Trademark Office.
It is imperative that you make sure in advance that you do not violate any trademark rights of others. This can be e.g. This can happen if the product you are selling was produced by you but bears the logo of a protected trademark. These things should be checked on your own or have them checked by a specialized trademark attorney.

Find the right Nice Class

Once you have successfully completed this step, you will need to choose the appropriate Nice Class for you.

Be careful when choosing your classes and terms!
On the one hand, you should not be frugal, because you cannot add more after a successful trademark application, but on the other hand, you should also be aware that you should choose only those classes that you really need.
Otherwise, a request for deletion may be filed.

Therefore, the more classes you specify, the more certainty you have, but at the same time the probability that your trademark infringes on an existing one increases.

How expensive is the Amazon trademark application?

Once you have found the right classes for you, you can file the trademark application electronically or by mail. The application fee at the DPMA is 290.00 Euro and includes the fee for three classes. From the fourth class onwards, a fee of 100.00 Euro is payable for each additional class.
Submit these as early as possible, as you can expect an implementation time of 3 – 4 months.
If you have successfully fulfilled the basic requirements, you will receive a certificate with a specific number, which you must then enter in the Amazon brand registration.

What data do I need to file a trademark application with Amazon?

The data that is important for this registration is a photo of your brand or product photos on which your brand is displayed in the form of a logo, for example. can be recognized. Furthermore, the domain of your website.
If you don’t have this because you have concentrated on Amazon as a sales and advertising platform, then within a very short period of time built one with WordPress. If you have problems with this, we as a WordPress agency will be happy to support you.

Make sure that this website has the email address from your seller account, the same address and company name, as well as the phone number.

Allow time for Amazon brand registration

If you have followed all these steps, nothing will stand in the way of your successful Amazon brand registration.
As mentioned before, go through these steps as early as possible, as a complete trademark application for Amazon can take up to 6 months in Germany.

We are happy to advise and support you as an Amazon agency in your Amazon needs. For a free initial consultation, contact us via phone, email or contact form on

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