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What is content marketing?

Content marketing advantages and challenges

Unlike the classic advertising message, content marketing is not about conveying a short, concise message. The goals that can be associated with this exciting field are far more complex than might appear at first glance.

Effective content marketing is characterized, among other things, by publishing content that is searched for on the web by as many interested parties as possible. The better the corresponding offer fits to the respective requests, the more often the respective pages will be found.

The result: ideal conditions for strengthening customer loyalty, building new customers and generating sales.

As the name already suggests, the content of the corresponding messages plays an important role in content marketing. Because: with its help, one’s own competencies can be emphasized even better. This creates an opportunity to gain the customer’s trust. Accordingly, content marketing is an important form of advertising that stands out from classic ads and at the same time can underline the credibility of one’s own brand.

In contrast to banners, pop-ups and the like, content marketing is often not perceived as a nuisance by many consumers. It’s a great way to draw attention to your products and services in a friendly way, while also providing a useful wealth of information.

Different areas of content marketing

In order for the comprehensive advantages that arise with regard to a functioning content marketing to be widely used, this needs a fundamental strategy. The first step is to formulate one’s individual goals and then think about how to achieve them.

Among other things, here can be referred to, for example:

► specific content for your own homepage
► Social media
► Customer acquisition measures

be set.

Furthermore, it is of course important to be able to rely on the appropriate content (texts, videos or graphics). As a rule, editors and SEO specialists are commissioned with this. Your task is to write and visually prepare the various contents.

A particular challenge in this context is to produce content that exactly meets the expectations of the target group. To ensure this, it makes sense to work on the basis of survey results and opinion research, but also with the help of current trends.


Why is a well thought-out content marketing strategy so important?

A well thought-out content marketing strategy can help to increase your own customer base and strengthen customer loyalty. Content marketing is always user- and value-oriented.

However, for this to succeed, it is important to focus on goals, such as:

► Process optimization in service
► Possible cost savings
► Offers for customers
► an optimized online presence with more content

to focus.

Only in this way is it possible to stand out from the rest of the competition with a pleasant mix of convincing information transfer and the best possible placement within the search results.

Content marketing mistakes

Due to the fact that content marketing is a particularly versatile area with quite a few possibilities, many companies often find it difficult to work out a targeted content marketing strategy.

Accordingly, one of the main sources of error is, for example, that too many targets are targeted at the same time on the basis of a strategy that is in need of improvement or not fully developed.

Despite the importance of content marketing in today’s world, some companies unfortunately still underestimate the opportunities that can be associated with this exciting area. For this reason, the corresponding options are often still treated comparatively stepmotherly. Too bad! After all, content marketing is a great way to ideally secure one of the top spots in search results and stand out from the rest of the competition.

What should be paid attention to in content marketing?

Anyone who has not yet OR not extensively explored the opportunities around content marketing in the past should always rely on the advice of relevant professionals.

In this case, the corresponding advantages are not only evident in the professional know-how, but also, among other things, in:

► the possibility to focus on the actual business and the expansion of a content marketing strategy at the same time
► a high degree of flexibility
► the chance to set different priorities in this way.

We will be glad to support you with regard to an individual strategy, which is exactly adapted to your ideas and the characteristics of your company. Let’s create content together that is 100 percent to the taste of your target audience and at the same time invites them to learn more about your company!

Modern content marketing is about much more than simply conveying advertising messages.

Our 360° eCommerce agency helps you to benefit from the combination of high-quality content, search engine relevant terms and a customer-friendly preparation, while you can concentrate on your daily business in the usual way.

By the way: in order for you to get a comprehensive picture of our services and the high potential that arises with regard to a functioning content marketing strategy, we are of course happy to offer you a free initial consultation. Take this opportunity to get an initial overview of the benefits of working with a modern content marketing agency!

We look forward to hearing from you.

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    What is content marketing?

    Content marketing is the design and creation of relevant content that adds value to the target audience in an informative, advisory or entertaining way. The focus here is on the target group-relevant added value that the content created must offer.