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Our top 5 stock photo sites

Watch the video to find out how you can get free images for your online store. Get to know our top 5 sources for license-free images. This means you don’t have to buy images from platforms like Shutterstock or Fotolia. You can use these for your Shopify, Shopware, JTL store or all other store systems.

Professional online store images without a budget

In addition to products and categories, an online store usually also consists of visual representations, e.g. Pictures. These serve to create a certain mood, but at the same time address the target group and convey directly what your store is all about. Often, however, there is not enough budget to have them made by a photographer, especially at the beginning. That’s why we’ll show you 5 ways to get usable images for your online store for free or at least at low cost.

Find free images for the online store on Pexels

Before we get straight into it, let’s briefly explain what you can expect. The first 4 options are completely free of charge. Our number 5 will then be a cheaper alternative that offers you more choice and higher quality images.
Let’s start with one of the most well-known websites called Pexels. On Pexels you will mainly find pictures and even videos. For example, if you sell Lifestyle products that fit the theme of summer, sun and beach can be found here with the keyword “beach”. As you can see, there are already some useful results here. The good thing here is that you can also download the image you want in different sizes. Smaller resolutions are more suitable for online stores in particular, as image and video files that are too large can have a negative impact on your PageSpeed, which in turn has a negative effect on your visibility on Google.

Please note the license terms!

The respective license must also be observed. We would therefore like to point out that the license regulations on the respective websites must be read independently before using the images. We accept no liability for this. At Pexels you can find them in the header. It says exactly what you may and may not do. With Pexels, for example, it is not necessary to name the author. However, if you want to create an online store for stock images and then sell them, for example, on the Internet, you can do so. for sale, this would not be permitted, as you can read here. In the same way, people who can be recognized in the pictures should not be put in a bad light.

Find free images for the online store on Unsplash

Now we come to our second picture website. In my personal opinion, Unsplash offers higher quality images, as they already have a certain look. This can be an advantage if it suits your store. Sometimes, however, more neutral images, such as those available on Pexels, are more suitable. The disadvantage here is that you can only download pictures, not videos. But here, too, we find countless useful results on the subject of “beach”. By the way, not only classic images are provided here, but also, for example, photos of the world. textures, which can then be further processed in Photoshop.

The license terms

Again, the image can be downloaded in the desired size. The license terms are also linked here for each image. You can already see that it is explicitly stated here that the author’s name is desired. This means that it is not mandatory here either, but it is desired by Unsplash. What you make of it is ultimately up to you.

Find free images for your online store on Pixabay

Another site that most people will have heard of is Pixabay. In addition to images and videos, Pixabay also offers illustrations, vectors, music and sound effects. Illustrations also include icons, which you can then use to create discount campaign graphics or use directly in the store to replace standard icons and buttons. The advantage is that these are transparent PNG files instead of normal JPG files. This means that they are virtually optional and therefore transparent.
Here, too, it is explained in detail what the free license covers and what it does not.

Right of use vs. trademark law

One point that is listed here and is still important to note: If brands, logos or similar are recognizable on the images and you advertise with them, the use of the image is permitted in terms of the right of use, but can get you into trouble under trademark law. So pay attention to this and read the license agreement carefully beforehand.

Find free images for your online store at eBakery

Now we have three stock photo sites at our disposal where we can find images on a specific topic. But what if there is no image there as we would like it to be?
That leaves you with three alternatives. The first would be to access paid sites, which we will come to in a moment. The second would be far more expensive, namely to have the scenery recreated and photographed by a photographer. The third option arises from the progress made in recent years, in which AI tools have developed incredibly quickly. You can find a free AI tool for creating images on our website.

Further AI tools at a glance

We have already produced our own video on how to get the AI to create a photo according to your ideas using so-called prompts, i.e. verbatim explanations. Other tools would be Dall-E, Adobe Firefly or Midjourney. However, these are also subject to a charge and require know-how.

Find free images for your online store on Envato Elements

Which brings us to our 5th option, which is also subject to a charge, but doesn’t require any know-how on your part.
Again, there are several players on the market, but for this video we want to introduce Envato Elements. The subscription costs €14.50 per month. But you really do get everything you need in return. Whether images, videos or illustrations for the store, fonts, music, sound effects, graphics, mockup files, 3D elements, presentation templates, even themes for your Shopify store. In other words, if the first 4 options didn’t help you, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for here.


Otherwise, a combination may help you. Ex. Obtain images from Envato Elements and have them customized by a designer for your products and industry.
If you need help, the eBakery Design Team will be happy to help you. I hope we were able to help the eCommerce start-ups with this video and show you options on how to get your images cost-effectively. If you need help, make an appointment with us directly here.

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