Create Gambio Template

How to create your own Gambio theme

Create your own Gambio template by making custom adjustments to your theme – we’ll explain how in this Gambio Screencast Tutorial. We will show you how to use StyleEdit 4 to customize your Gambio template visually, but also in terms of content.

Create your Gambio template with StyleEdit 4

But to get to the theme overview in the first place, go to your administration area and go to Template Settings in the left column under Representations. Here you have some settings options for the home page, the item detail page, the item overview etc.
However, this is rather irrelevant for our video, since we want to deal with StyleEdit 4. Click on Edit Theme and an editing screen will open, as we know it from content management systems like WordPress.

Before creating - duplicate!

The first thing you should do is duplicate your theme template and continue working with the duplicate if you want to make changes. You can see the individual themes by clicking on the name of your current theme at the top of the left bar. There we see in our case the default templates Honeygrid and Malibu. You would then duplicate this by clicking on the arrow and going to Duplicate.

Create Gambio Template: Basics, Areas and Widgets

We’ll go back for our customizations and first see a three-way division of the so-called menu bar into Basics, Panes, and Widgets. The Basics menu contains general specifications that apply to all areas. So the color scheme, the font, the background and the navigation. So the next menu bar item would be the areas. This includes the header, footer, categories, products, checkout area, menu boxes, etc.
The last point are the widgets, which are basically content boxes that you can place in different areas, such as the following. Text boxes, images, headings, separators, but of course also products and product lists.

How the expert and preview mode works

Below that, the expert mode can be activated, giving us more customization options in the areas and finally the preview mode to see a first preview of what we have customized. To make our Gambio store not only desktop-optimized, we have the option at the bottom to display the store view for tablet and smartphone. Thus, as an example, we can adjust the shopping cart. In the Checkout area, we select the shopping cart and can now simply change the font color of the table. After a short loading process, the change is also displayed directly in the main window in the center. Another possible change would be the placement of the logo. This is placed in the header, so in the Header section we go to Standard and up to the logo. What you could do now is hide the logo. This will then adjust the header bar. But we want to have our logo back and bring it down further, so we change the logo height.

When creating Gambio template create widgets simply by drag & drop

If you now go back to the home page and want to place a widget there, you must first make sure that the preview mode is deactivated. If this is the case, you can, for example. Drag and drop a text box into the main field. If you want to change or extend the text afterwards, you just need to click on the pencil icon and you can adjust the text. The text editor can then be used to implement designs such as the bolding of words or the integration of internal and external links. On the one hand, this contributes to the visual appearance, but it can also advance your SEO.

Extensive possibilities to create your Gambio template

Otherwise, there are many other changes that can be made, but they are beyond the scope of this blog article. Just test it out, go to the different areas and familiarize yourself with the individual elements. You will then get direct feedback in the main field for everything, as long as you are also in the area you are working on. Just make sure, as already mentioned, that you work in the theme copy, then nothing can go wrong.

eBakery supports you as a Gambio partner

We hope you got something out of either the video or text tutorial. However, if something should have been unclear at one or the other point, we from eBakery as a Gambio partner are also happy to help you. Please feel free to make an appointment directly.

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