What is link building and how do you get backlinks?

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Through link building, websites can bring a lot of visitors and potential customers to their own store or website thanks to organic traffic. Link building means generating as many links as possible from external websites to your own. Since these links are considered particularly valuable by search engines, link building is used to try to achieve the best possible positioning in search queries. For this reason, link building is an essential part of search engine optimization.

In this video we explain what exactly link building is, what criteria are important for good link building and how to get good backlinks:

Link building is a long-term investment that is urgently needed to stay competitive on Google, because Google treats these backlinks as if they were a recommendation for your website. However, simple link building is no longer sufficient nowadays, because in the meantime the quality of the backlinks is much more decisive. This is because Google evaluates the backlinks, which in turn has a positive or negative impact on performance.

But what exactly are backlinks?

A backlink is a link that starts from one web page and leads to another web page. A link pointing from page X to page Y is a backlink for page Y. The number and quality of backlinks are used by some search engines to determine the ranking of a page. A really good backlink is composed of several evaluation criteria.

In SEO link building, a distinction is made between three evaluation elements:

  1. The properties of the domain from which the link comes
  2. The page on which the link is located and
  3. The link itself

Therefore, it is important for users to look at the key figures of a website in detail if they want to generate a backlink from it. The following criteria are included:

  • Topic relevance
  • The timeliness of the website
  • Visibility
  • Traffic
  • Domain popularity
  • Authority and
  • Trust values

An additional point is also the quality of the direct environment where the backlink is located and the link itself. Here, attention should be paid to the implementation of the anchor text, the selection of the right link target and the attribute of the backlink. The keyword of the target page should be present in the linked text.

Content marketing is the key – eBakery helps you!

To get backlinks, good content marketing is the most important and effective. For example, creates such good content in a blog that many users like to link to voluntarily. Of course, you can also directly address operators of trusted portals such as news sites or magazines, for example, and offer them added value in return for a backlink. However, this should be well thought out and planned. Remember that you cannot cheat with qualitative backlinks, because you will only get these links if you also offer qualitative added value. We are also happy to advise you on how to effectively get good backlinks. Feel free to get in touch with us!

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