More clicks for your online store through price search engines,, Google Shopping, and many more – they all belong to the category of price search engines. In today’s video, you’ll learn how these price search engines can give you advantages as an online retailer and what you should look out for.

The classic price search engine

Surely each of us has come into contact with price search engines at some point. Be it as a buyer or seller. Many notable price search engines now also have their own marketplace, e.g. In the past, price search engines were mainly used to promote your own online store. The classic scenario is that a retailer offers a feed with the respective prices for articles to the price search engines via his online store. With your price you will then be listed in the search engine. An example: As a retailer, you offer iPhones. Of course, there is a lot of competition, because there are also other retailers that sell iPhones. You forward your price to the price search engine. If you have chosen the best price compared to the competition, you will be listed accordingly. A potential customer can then select from the list the offer that best suits his needs and is then redirected to the merchant’s site.

Cost per click

The whole thing runs via the CPC method. The term CPC (Cost per Click) describes a method of billing advertising costs in online marketing. The CPC model is used to determine how much an advertiser must pay if his advertising costs are settled according to the pay per click (PPC) payment method. This means that as an online merchant you have a contract with the respective search engine and you pay a fixed contribution per visitor that you receive through the redirection to your online store. How this ultimately affects the actual conversion rate depends on your online store. Because here a good repricing should be given. If you trade at too high a price, customers may only see your offer as an example of how to get a cheaper price elsewhere. So you will generate costs – but few sales.

Price Optimization Tools

Thus, there is a lot to be said for offering your items directly through a marketplace. If you offer your article at too high a price, you will generate traffic, but it may not result in a purchase. If you have chosen too low a price to generate more traffic, you may not generate the contribution margin to fund the CPCs. If you also consider the return rate and the like, it is quite difficult to choose a good balance in pricing. If you need help with this sensitive topic, you can resort to various tools. Sellermath from JTL for example or patagona. These tools support you in market monitoring price optimization.

Google Shopping

If you want to get more reach, we can look at it using Google Shopping. If you pursue a multichannel strategy and sell on several marketplaces, they will first place you on Google Shopping. Additionally, you can upload items to Google Shopping yourself and even the price search engines at Google Shopping will list you. This increases your reach enormously. What many people don’t know is that you need a Google merchant center account for Google Shopping. Also, you need to export the product details via an export template and then control the whole thing via Google Ads. As a verified merchant on a marketplace, for example, you have chances to be listed on Googleshopping with a good product through the marketplace. This makes the additional account and the complicated export unnecessary. Another point in favor of the direct offer on a marketplace.

Differences in the mobile version

Changes are also taking place in e-commerce. More and more customers are visiting purchase sites via their cell phones. Compared to the desktop, you will find some differences that can also influence your ranking. Because the visibility of products is naturally greater on the desktop. This means that you won’t be able to advertise as much when visibility is limited. Therefore, additional reach and value offered is important to get to the same result. In addition, it is important to always be up to date, because Google changes its search algorithm in relatively short intervals. It’s definitely a challenge to generate optimal reach. You should always keep a suitable multichannel strategy in mind, because in the end you will surely be most successful with it.

You want to optimize your online business?

We are happy to advise and support you. Do you want to learn more about search engines and what you should pay attention to? We can sit down with you to develop an optimal multichannel strategy. Just come to us, together we will make your online business profitable.

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