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Professional Amazon consulting for merchants

Professional Amazon consulting for merchants

What started with books has spread to nearly every product category. For consumers, Amazon is the number 1 port of call in many respects and is also often used directly like a search engine. Being represented here as a retailer is sometimes essential. An Amazon e-commerce consultation by eBakery, will help you take the right steps and position yourself optimally on the platform. So rely on our savvy Amazon advice and get in touch.What started with books has spread to just about every product category. For consumers, Amazon is the number 1 port of call in many respects and is also often used directly like a search engine. Being represented here as a retailer is sometimes essential. An Amazon e-commerce consultation by eBakery, will help you take the right steps and position yourself optimally on the platform. So rely on our savvy advice Amazon and get in touch with us.

Advice from an Amazon agency

We will be happy to advise you fully on your options for creating a second mainstay with Amazon and, incidentally, making you even better known. Whether it’s normal Amazon support, Amazon vendor consulting, or when it comes to Amazon’s special A+ content, we can advise you on any area so you can maximize your sales. Amazon FBA consulting is also part of our service portfolio.

We do not only take care of the optimization of the offers before the launch, we also take a close look at your existing offers, carry out keyword research and optimize the article data already in your merchandise management or ERP system, so that you always have the correct data at hand and are technically prepared in an optimal way. Our Amazon consultants look forward to connecting with you and getting started with professional Amazon consulting.

Amazon Ads Consulting

If you are already selling on Amazon and your products are not doing so well so far, it is often worthwhile to run an advertising campaign after we have optimized your products. These so-called PPC campaigns run either for a certain period of time – limited or unlimited. For this purpose we analyze your products and the competitors. then conduct extensive keyword research using various tools and then create various advertising campaigns that work.

The more of your products are purchased (assuming a low complaint rate), the higher they will rise in the Amazon ranking. Further measures by our Amazon consultants can also strengthen this effect. So you can gradually reduce advertising spend, because your products will be found better and better in organic search.

As with other platforms, the PPC campaigns should always be kept in view so that they can be adjusted if necessary when keywords change. Often enough, the search behavior of your target group changes. As a result, individual ads are no longer worthwhile and either a new ad should be designed or an existing one edited to bring it back in line with searchers. Optimizing campaigns is therefore an ongoing process in which we are happy to provide you with long-term support as part of our Amazon consulting services.

Cross-Platform Linking

To get your sales going on Amazon, you can also use other platforms, like Facebook or Instagram. Here you can very easily attract new customers and highlight special offers. On Facebook, you describe the product, tease it, and then link to your Amazon listing.

On Instagram, the focus is more on pictures. Take a picture of yourself or an employee handling your product and then link to the Amazon offer. Through successful community management, you can gain higher sales and more customer satisfaction with little investment. Together with your Amazon offers, this makes a good combination. As part of an Amazon e-commerce consultation, we will be happy to provide you with wetiere tips in this regard.

Amazon e-commerce consulting

Online sales have become indispensable not only for online retailers, but also for stationary retailers. However, an online store is now rarely the only sales channel that retailers and companies use to sell their products on the Internet. In order to expand online business and continuously increase sales, it is essential to use additional platforms and marketplaces for your own sales.

As one of the largest marketplaces, Amazon offers itself as an additional sales platform for almost all merchants, but there are some special features that need to be considered. Generally speaking, Amazon offers merchants various options for using the platform, with different strategies depending on the individual focus. First of all, merchants can offer their own products on Amazon Marketplace and use the platform for themselves, as individual sellers or as professional sellers. Essentially, the choice is based on the amount of products sold on average per month and the individual requirements of each retailer.

We offer comprehensive Amazon e-commerce consulting, showing you the best way to use the platform to sell your products, taking into account all relevant factors. In addition, we can also show you suitable concepts and strategies with which you can make optimal use of the platform’s enormous reach and sustainably increase your sales. Another option to sell products through Amazon is the so-called Amazon FBA, where Amazon handles the entire process, from storage to packaging to shipping independently.

Amazon FBA Consulting

Amazon FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) enables merchants and businesses to leverage the full potential of online commerce for their own success. By taking care of the storage, packaging and shipping of your products yourself, Amazon allows you to fully concentrate on the main business. Both merchants who want to open an Amazon store and those who want to further expand their existing Amazon business can benefit from our Amazon FBA consulting.

We help you automate your processes to perform more efficiently and build an Amazon FBA business that remains profitable in the long run. To this end, we analyze your individual strengths and weaknesses and work with you to develop short-, medium- and long-term goals. With our many years of experience in Amazon FBA, we are then able to develop and implement an Amazon FBA strategy that is optimal for your needs. Benefit from our expertise and routine and quickly achieve measurable success. Our Amazon FBA consulting services include the following:

  • Amazon FBA Requirements
  • Amazon FBA Tools
  • General product research
  • Listing optimization
  • PPC advertising campaigns
  • Package labeling
  • Review Management
  • Analysis of the status quo
  • sustainable budget planning
  • Development of an individual strategy

Take advantage of our Amazon FBA advice to avoid common rookie mistakes, benefit from our in-depth practical knowledge, and get all the important information you need to take your Amazon business to the next level.

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Since we have expertise on board from all areas, we are happy to advise you on your options to sell better on Amazon. Whether it’s keyword research, engaging copy or the perfect product photos, we offer an all-around Amazon consulting service for your listings. Do not hesitate to contact us and tell us your exact request in a non-binding consultation.


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